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Our Values

Our factory has chosen as its main values ​​respect and appreciation for its staff as well as respect for the environment, which are at the heart of our priorities. Our teams of Managers are followers of the notions of benevolence, responsibility, transparency, respect, fairness and meritocracy.


Through the positive dynamics and team spirit that we have been able to install within our organization, we have been able to achieve an optimal level of customer satisfaction and loyalty. The involvement of our teams, the search for innovation and the ambitious general spirit that reigns in us mean that today we are a high-performance factory.

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Our additional service

Beautypack is the ideal partner who can provide you with know-how and guarantee you a complete and optimal service throughout the creation and production cycle of your product until delivery.


We provide our customers with a team of designers and marketers who support them in the design of their products, our experts ensure the best production under conditions with optimal quality and our logistics teams deploy the fastest and fastest transport. possible.

Quality control and efficiency are our watchwords.

In addition to production, we provide you with the following services: Product marketing advice and support in terms of conception and design Management and quality control Design and product development office Logistics platform.

Produced in Tunisia

  • Flexibility in production deadlines

  • Flexibility in delivery times

  • 24h delivery time between Tunis and Genoa

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